Trip Hazard Removal

Are trip hazards causing issues at your school?

  • Stairs, steps and ramps brought into compliance
  • Luminance contrast strips fitted
  • Old cracked and uneven concrete removed and replaced

Trip Hazard Removal & Pedestrian Enhancement

At RCW, we specialise in maintaining and enhancing the pedestrian environment within the education precinct.

Yarra School, in Richmond, asked RCW to help eliminate trip hazards that existed within the school environment. The school was in excess of 100 years old, had been added to over the years and required maintenance.

RCW completed a condition assessment of the property and all 3 sets of stairs were found to be non-compliant against current codes. The original bluestone entry steps had been worn down to such a point the were almost u-shaped in places. All stairs were repaired and brought into compliance and fitted with stair nosings with a luminance contrast, which is now part of the Australian Standards and Building code of Australia. In addition, some sections of concrete pavement were removed and replaced as a result of foundation movement a tree root damage. Other trip hazards in the concrete paths were ground down to level.

In another instance, RCW was engaged to repair and re-level the elevated concrete pedestrian walkways at Latrobe University. These had generally been constructed in the 60’s and were now exhibiting signs of concrete cancer, failed, damaged and out-of-level expansion joints. All concrete cancer was repaired and made good, maintaining the value of the asset, whilst matching replacement expansion joints were sourced and fixed in position.

Scheduling of these projects required a mixture of out-of-hours work, work over school holiday periods, and timing of noisy work before and after classes. Coordination meetings took place on a regular basis to ensure minimal disruption to a live education environment.

New pathways and hard landscaping such as planter boxes and small retaining walls have also been built by RCW to assist in the delineation of playground areas and different use zones from pedestrian and vehicular movement to assist with the overall enhancement of the school.

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