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Floor Joint Repair

Floor Joint Repair

Floor Joint Repairs in Melbourne Concrete joint damage is an issue that commonly affects many industrial concrete floors. In fact, this is usually the number one cause of maintenance issues with industrial and warehouse floors, l

Concrete Repair

Concrete Repair

Having a cracked or damaged concrete floor at your worksite is unpleasant to look at as well as a safety hazard. RCW can offer you superb concrete floor repair services that provide a far more cost-effective solution compared to replacing the entire slab. We will evaluate the floor before explaining what the best options are to preserve the quality and safety of your floor for the long term.

Bridge Deck Waterproofing

Bridge Deck Waterproofing

RCW Group is one of the leading providers of bridge deck maintenance and protection systems in Melbourne. You can rely on us to supply and install bridge deck waterproofing membranes as well as repair any concrete and structural protection systems as required.

Carbon Fibre Reinforcement

Carbon Fibre Reinforcement

Carbon fibre reinforced concrete strips are adaptable and strength augmenting strips. They can deliver performance that is superior to steel in terms of strength and mass ratio.



We can inject high-quality resins and grouts into suitable soils and strata to provide reinforcement, all without having to carry out any excavation work or disrupt our clients while they’re conducting business as usual.



If there are any widening cracks in your commercial or industrial premises that are causing issues, don’t stress. RCW provides high-quality epoxy injection grouting and waterproofing services. The purpose of epoxy injection is to fill in gaps, cracks, joints and annular spaces, as well as spaces between old and new piping.



RCW is a leading provider of specialist consultation and contracting services pertaining to epoxy concrete repair, refurbishment and upgrades for the Commercial, Industrial, Construction and Civil industries, with operations throughout Australia.

RCW was formed in 2000 to cater for the needs of commercial and industrial property owners and stakeholders pertaining to specialist concrete and related infrastructure maintenance and repair.

In order to continue to fulfil the needs of our clients, we have grown into an organisation that completes specialist concrete infrastructure and commercial concrete projects, catering for building alterations, upgrades and refurbishments.

We have significant depth of labour and equipment resources available to suit the needs of our clients and have worked in many and varied geographical locations. We also work closely with a team of highly skilled subcontractors for added flexibility and expertise, giving us the ability to handle several large projects at once.

What We Can Repair for You:

  • Floor slabs
  • Cracks
  • Patching – cosmetic & structural
  • Walls

Types of Buildings We Provide Repairs For

  • Warehouses
  • Factories
  • Shopping centres
  • Schools
  • Kindergartens
  • Gyms
  • Cafes
  • Sports venues

Commercial Concrete Repair Services

Do the concrete floors at your commercial premises have cracks? First impressions count for all types of commercial businesses, including shopping centres, cafes, showrooms, retail stores and offices. The appearance of your premises can be enough to make a potential customer decide whether or not they’ll purchase a product or hire your services.

Cracks in floors are a common hazard that many different types of companies encounter, but it’s an issue that is simple for our commercial concrete repair operatives to fix. We utilise our extensive knowledge and skillset to provide quality concrete protection and repair services to ensure your premises are hazard-free.

Industrial Concrete Repair Services

Impact damage caused by hard wheeled equipment moving loads, chemical exposure, and other types of operational wear and tear can eventually take its toll on concrete floor slabs, resulting in floors incurring joint damage and surface defects. These defects will need warehouse concrete floor repairs.

Our industrial concrete floor repair technicians can assess the condition of the concrete floor slabs that have any damage and defects. We can then provide factory concrete floor repairs and other types of concrete repair for industrial applications to get your worksite up to code. We can prevent forklift wheel damage and continued damage to concrete floors and in particular the concrete floor joints.

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Are there any widening cracks at your commercial or industrial property that you’re concerned about? Contact the concrete repair technicans at RCW today. Call us on 1800 729 729 for expert concrete repairs in Melbourne.

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We have a proven solid financial capacity and have the ability to offer Bank Guarantees as security for projects. Financial references are available upon request and we have a nil claims history on all our projects.

We run a fully integrated management plan on our projects. This covers our Safety, Quality, and Environmental issues and is audited to ISO 9001 standards.

We are committed to safety & the environment. We have developed an OHS&E program, setting out our aims for the company and the procedures by which this company intends to implement them. All our employees are inducted into our systems and are members of the Concrete Association of Australia.

We strive to maintain the highest levels of professionalism, integrity and fairness in our relationships with our suppliers, subcontractors, professional associates and customers.

The concrete floor at your site has to be tough and durable to withstand high forklift traffic and load impact. RCW’s commercial and industrial concrete floor repair operatives can provide concrete remedial services and waterproofing at any worksite that will return your site to its pre-damaged state.

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