Epoxy Injection Grouting in Melbourne

Epoxy injection grouting is the practice of filling in the cracks in concrete floors and walls. This type of injection grouting contains a base component comprising of solvent free epoxy resin and a low viscosity liquid hardener. There are different types of grouts that can be used to repair and strengthen concrete structural members and fill in cracks, gaps, joints and spaces between old piping and new piping.

RCW Group provides a first-rate epoxy injection grouting and waterproofing service to commercial and industrial clients based in Melbourne. The primary objective of our services is to fill in cracks, gaps and voids in concrete structures.

Such cracks can be filled by our structural grouting experts by injecting a low viscosity epoxy resin. Not only does our service ensure that all cracks are sealed, but it can also enhance the concrete’s structural strength and how safe it is, as the epoxy resin used is significantly more durable.

Applications Areas

  • Walls
  • Columns
  • Pillars
  • Water tanks
  • Retaining walls
  • Swimming pools
  • And more

Injection Grouting Applications

  • Epoxy grouting
  • Cementitious grouting
  • Pipe grouting
  • Polyurethane grouting
  • Compaction grouting/stabilisation grouting
  • Machine base grouting for the bedding of large or oscillating machinery
  • Annulus filling/grouting of large diameter pipelines installed in tunnels or pipe jacks
  • Sewer, culvert, and, redundant utility pipeline grouting
  • Bridge, subway, underpass, and cellar grouting
  • Machine bases
  • Precast panels
  • Tunnel segment grouting/bedding

Injection Grouting Equipment

RCW uses different types of epoxy injection grouting equipment in various pump sizes for both pressure grouting and structural grouting applications depending on the necessary yield.

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